A list of herbalist practitioners of Physiomedicalism

Our Healing Ancestors:

  • Samuel Thomson - The father of the Thomsonian System; the original titan and founder of American herbalism

  • Alvah Curtis – herbal pioneer who founded Physiomedicalism, a movement of botanical doctors who sought to expand on Thomson's practice

  • William Cook – famous Physiomedical practitioner and author of the late 19th Century–his Dispensatory is a must read

  • J. M. Thurston – author of The Philosophy of Physiomedicalism, the magnum opus of Physiomediclal thought

  • R. Swinburne Clymer – osteopath, herbalist, and Rosicrucian who practiced the Physiomedical system until his death in 1966

  • A. W. Priest – wrote the book everyone knows about, Herbal Medication, the modern re-statement of Physiomedical practice

Modern Day Physiomedicalists:

Christopher Menzies-Trull

Matthew Wood

Laurence Layne


Physio-Medical Books Recommended by Us

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