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We are a learning center for those who want to know more about Physio-medicalism -- The Traditional Herbal Medicine. While others pursue scientific "proof" that herbs work, this site stands as a quiet corner of the Internet for like minds to meet and share the knowledge of vital forces in botanical healing.

The concept of a Physiomedical clearing house and knowledge center is the brainchild of Laurence Layne who begin to ask questions about Vitalism in Western herbal healing in 2004.

Laurence is the editor of the site and Jackson Logan is the webmaster. Inquiries and submissions are welcome. May these articles and ideas serve to light your way and lead you into greater service to others.

About Physiomedicalism

Samuel Thomson, born in New Hampshire in 1769, was the force behind the Physiomedicalists. His early experience with orthodox medicine turned him against the practice of bleeding and mineral-based medicine. He believed medicine should help the body heal itself.

He used hot baths to induce sweating and herbal regimens to purge the body and promote healing. He used native herbs, such as black cohosh, blue cohosh, and Indian tobacco. This brought him into opposition with the medical establishment of the day.

Alvah Curtis was a disciple of Samuel Thomson. He founded a reform medical school in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1836 with the goal of placing Thomsonian botanical healing on a more scientific basis.

This was not materialistic science, but a rational science based of Vitalism that incorporated new discoveries in physiology.

This "new light" Thomsonian approach became later known as Physio-Medicalism or Physiomedicalism.





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